Haimon Frhr.von Malapert-Neufville

Haimon Frhr.von Malapert-Neufville is specialized in International Human Resources issues and strategy.  He has extensive experience in various industries at top management positions, including NGO, hotel and tourism, and the aviation industry.
Leading international teams in merger and transformational situations is one of his key assets.  Before he successfully started his own business in Munich he worked for one of the big international consulting firms and headed a Swiss foundation.   Haimon is very often called upon to do executive assessments, and to work on search and outplacement issues at the board level.
Haimon holds a degree in engineering from the University of Gottingen in Germany.

Areas of Expertise:

- top level coaching
- strategy for international foundations, service industries and agribusiness
- think tanks
- human resources in cross industries